We started with a belief that we could make advertisement more relevant by understanding what stores and places people visit. By hacking together our own sensors we were on our way to linking a store visit to an ad online. We introduced the worlds first offline retargeting campaign for Unilever, linked cinema visits to drink coupons for Coke and won the scaleup award of the year


Sensors are great don't get us wrong but we wanted to learn more about the shoppers, where do they live what are their interests, how do they get to work? We looked at the existing IP databases to link their browsing behaviour to a specific location but locations being assigned on a country or at best county level there was not a lot of value in that type of insights. We instead started mapping up where wifi's are actually located meaning that we could start capturing insights about when people are at work, when they commute and at what time the arrive at home. 


Local Sales

By unlocking accurate location data our customers sales team could approach a new line of advertisers. Local businesses who only want to communicate to the people living and working close to their store proved to be a untapped potential leading to an expansion of local sales initiatives and significant additional revenues.