Accurate location data at scale.

Glimr is reinventing the way location is captured to bridge the gap between online and offline users.

Not just an IP database

We add reach to your inventory and with guaranteed quality.

IP databases are known to be unreliable and of questionable quality at best. We offer a fully customizable and verified approach to geographic targeting.

Inside the machine

It’s not hard to see how we make your life easier every day.

Quality. We work hard to verify the quality of data on all fronts. You can depend on our data.

Reach. We unlock more reach from your existing inventory. No funky stuff, just smart solutions.

Customizable. Our library of areas is already huge, but you are free to draw completely custom targeting areas.

Unique Solution

Create custom areas or use our up-to-date library of areas in your country.

Regular IP-targeting is old and antiquated. What Glimr brings to the table is a whole new approach, to organically unlock location.

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